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A commercial strength cleaning solution that safely replaces all the other cleaners you're using at home or for business.


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  • The Forefront of Cleaning Science & Technology

    Frogwash is not just a detergent. FrogWash is a concentrated, all-in-one cleaning solution that handles everything from cleaning Bar-B-Ques to bathrooms thanks to modern chemical science.

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  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Infinite Uses

    Because it does the job of so many other products-- and does them all so well-- FrogWash is like a wonder-drug that fights any type of dirt, from your home to the office all the way to industrial use.

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  • Made with your family and the environment in mind.

    How many products do you know of that protect the health of your family and that of the environment and safe you money too? (Answer: not many).

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No Hazardous Substances

Made entirely from materials found only on Environment Canada's Domestic Substances List, FrogWash contains no hazardous materials. It is exempt from WHMIS and all other dangerous goods regulations..

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Environmentally Conscious

Packaged locally and sold in concentrated form to reduce carbon footprint, FrogWash saves valuable shelf and cupboard space, slashes landfill waste while avoiding extra trips to the store for more.

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Community Focused

Our commitment to the community is demonstrated by working with schools and other worthy not-for-profit organizations on their fundraising efforts. We share the proceeds of all such sponsored sales on a 50/50 basis.

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A quality detergent that also cleaned the entire house

“I met you at the Farmer’s Market and bought a bottle of FrogWash after asking about cloth diapers and laundry. Well one, it works amazing! It is definitely a quality laundry detergent, that’s for sure. I have since also cleaned just about my entire house with it and all my kids rooms and toys - bonus for us!” Michelle Morgan, Lethbridge, AB

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    "FrogWash ensures Carriero the Studio's facilities are kept clean, comfortable and healthy for staff and clients alike, making it easy and economical to keep everything looking as it did when new." - John Carriero, Victoria, BC

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Packed Full of Clean Features

Of all the cleaning products made, only new FrogWash replaces practically all of them saving you time, money and storage space while protecting your family's health and the environment.

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